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The Ohio District Export Councils created this website to give export companies an all-inclusive resource for international trade events in the Ohio and Northern Kentucky regions. This calendar contains training opportunities, geo-political events, and networking opportunities for not only Ohio companies, but those in the Northern Kentucky region, as well. We welcome you to our website and encourage your participation in the listed events.

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Cleveland State University 1860 East 18th street
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GlobalTarget Export Mentorship

Event Start Date: 10/12/2018 12:00 AM

Event End Date: 10/12/2018 11:59 PM

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Started in 2005, GlobalTarget is a nine-month long program that focuses the resources and experience of federal, state, and local business exporters to quickly train up-and-coming export companies. 

By participating in the GlobalTarget Program, manufacturing companies with sales from $5 million to $50 million that are expanding into foreign markets will gain knowledge, tools, current perspectives on operating in global markets and best practices in order to execute their global strategies more efficiently, effectively and quickly. Member companies identify two management-level individuals with responsibilities for the company’s international activities to participate. Throughout the year, companies will have an opportunity to work with:

  • experienced business mentors
  • The U.S. Export Assistance Center
  • Ohio Export Resource Managers and Advisors
  • Cleveland State University faculty and students
  • Subject matter experts from the public and private sectors.

Topics discussed include: Trade Finance, Foreign Contracts, Finding and developing agents and distributors, international market research, Trade barriers, international documentation and logistics and much more

For more information, visit our website:  https://www.csuohio.edu/business/global/globaltarget-program or contact Nate Ward at n.t.ward54@csuohio.edu

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Each DEC has approximately 30 members, at least half of whom are exporters. Members also include export trading or management company representatives; bankers; international lawyers and accountants; freight forwarders; and others whose profession supports the U.S. government’s export promotion mission.

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